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By John Shakespear (3rd Edition - 1834)
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کهرا kharrā
کهرا kharrā H s. m. 1. The rough draught of a letter or any writing, a sketch. 2. An iron in- strument to rub horses with, a currycomb. 3. An ulcer with hardness of the skin on the back of the foot. ¶ kharā, adj. See کهڙا khaṛā.
تعريفي taﻌrīf-ī
تعريفي taﻌrīf-ī A. adj. Commendable, notable.
نواڙي niwāṛī
نواڙي niwāṛī S̱. s. f. See نواري niwārī.
موٿاپن moṭā-pan
موٿاپن moṭā-pan H s. m. Fatness, corpulency, thickness, coarseness, bigness, bulk, bulkiness, grossness.
مرخص muraḵẖḵẖaṣ
مرخص muraḵẖḵẖaṣ A (part. pass. II. of رخص Heb. ) adj. Permitted, allowed (to depart).
پستان pistān
پستان pistān P s. m. Breasts, pap or dug.
چهـﮩ‍ارا chhuhārā
چهـﮩ‍ارا chhuhārā H s. m. A date. (Phœnix dactylifera).
اخلاط aḵẖlāt̤
اخلاط aḵẖlāt̤ A s. plur. (of خلط ḵẖilt̤) The hu- mours of which the blood is composed in the bodies of animals.
تربوز tarbūz
تربوز tarbūz P s. m. A watermelon. (Cucurbita citrullus).
اطہار at̤ʼhār
اطہار at̤ʼhār A adj. plur. (of طاهر) Pure, chaste.
مـﮩ muh
مـﮩ muh S̱. s. m. See منـﮩ muṅh. S. مـﮩا महा (from महत्) mahā, adj. Great, il- lustrious; very, extremely. مـﮩا براهمن يا پاتر mahā-brāhmaṇ, or -pātr, A Brāhmaṇ who of- ficiates at funerals, and is first fed after the mourning for a dead person. مـﮩا بلي mahā- bal-ī, Very powerful. مـﮩا پاپ mahā pāp, Atrocity, great sin. مـﮩا پاپي mahā-pāp-ī, adj. Atrocious, great sinner. مـﮩا پرش महापुरुष mahā purush̤, A holy man. مـﮩا پرساد महाप्रसाद
ناداني nā-dān-ī
ناداني nā-dān-ī P s. f. Ignorance, folly, foolishness, stupidity, simplicity.
کاريز kārez
کاريز kārez P s. f. A canal for watering ground, a subterraneous canal.
يار yār
يار yār P s. m. f. 1. A friend, (Sans. जार) a lover, paramour, gallant. 2. An assistant, companion, comrade. (Pers. plur. ياران). يارباز
انترا अन्तरा antarā
انترا अन्तरा antarā S adv. In the middle, among: near at hand: without, except.
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